The side effects of using Raspberry Ketone

19 October, 2013 (17:34) | Raspberry ketone | By: jason

Raspberry ketone is used in several health and nutritional supplements. People take raspberry ketone for its weight loss benefits as well as for other reasons. Every supplement has the potential of certain side effects and it is always better to be aware of them rather than be in oblivion and face them abruptly after consuming the supplements. raspberry ketones
Raspberry ketone is obtained or extracted from the fruit, red raspberry. Raspberry ketone is one of the many phenol compounds found in the fruit. While it would be very technical to get into the characteristics of raspberry ketone, it is the nutrient that is responsible for the enticing fruity odor of raspberries.
There are no known side effects of raspberry ketone which would be undesirable or unhealthy. You wouldn’t feel anything that would be severe or even mildly bothering. However, raspberry ketone may be an allergen for some people. Raspberry ketone is not an allergen in the typical sense but some people are allergic to the raspberry fruit. Since raspberry ketone is an extract of the fruit itself, those who are allergic to the fruit would also be allergic to the extract of the fruit.

You should be aware if you are allergic to raspberry ketone. If you are not aware then you can consult a doctor. If you are not keen to consult a doctor then you can either try out a few raspberries and see if there are any side effects or take some raspberry ketone supplement and check for any signs or symptoms of allergies. Very few people in the world are allergic to raspberries but those who are should avoid the raspberry ketone supplement.
There are some normal harmless side effects of raspberry ketone supplement which you would experience while taking it for weight loss or for some other reason. When raspberry ketone starts the fat burning process, you are likely to feel a little thirstier than normal. When fat burns, the body extracts the fluids or water to facilitate the burning process. You would have to consume more water when you take raspberry ketone. If you have too much fat in your body and have not been into any exercises whatsoever then you may develop some bad breath while taking raspberry ketone.

This is also because of the fat burning process. Fatty deposits in the body are filled with toxins and when they are burnt and used up, some foul odor is expected. But these would not be experienced by all and sundry.