SmoothTalker Mobile X1 Review

9 November, 2015 (11:11) | Uncategorized | By: jason

Do you own an RV? If so, you’re probably one of the many people who wants to go on the road for long trips. That is good and all, but the problem is that you may suffer from poor signal reception.

Mobile phones, or popularly known as Smartphones nowadays, require signals to operate certain functionalities such as text messaging, making calls, and surfing the internet. If you have little to no signal, you cannot enjoy these features.

This is especially true when you’re on the go. Normally, you will get signals from your service provider’s cell tower. Cell towers are able to broadcast signals across large distances. The problem is that there are a lot of things that can affect the signal strength: such as object interference and your distance from the cell tower.

How do you remedy the problem of poor signal reception? Get a mobile phone signal booster. If you are confused on which signal booster to get, you may want to look at the SmoothTalker Mobile X1.

The SmoothTalker Mobile X1 has a 50dB Gain amplifier, the highest dB signal amplifier allowed by law. It can also support 2G, 3G, and 4G signals. This signal booster is powerful enough to broadcast strong wireless signals even if you’re far from your network carrier’s cell towers.

What this mobile phone signal booster can do is get a little signal as it can and amplifies it, then it can broadcast those signals wirelessly across all your devices.

The SmoothTalker Mobile X1 supports dual-band frequencies 800 and 1900 MHz. What holds this signal booster from taking the top spot is that it only supports frequencies, as opposed to other competitors which can have up to 5.

This signal booster also comes with a 14-inch antenna, perfect for getting even the faintest of signals. The SmoothTalker Mobile X1 has the biggest outside antenna among other signal boosters and it has a forward gain of 5 dBi, which can get signals even across greater distances.

Now you know that features of the SmootherTalker Mobile X1, it is now time to buy one and know how to install it. The signal booster has six important components: the outside antenna, the inside antenna, the amplifier box, two coax cables and the car charger.

The signal booster also comes with a magnetic base, so you can install it on top of your car or RV without damaging the paint job.

Basically, what you need to do is attach the inside antenna directly to the amplifier with the 4-foot cable. The cable is shorter than its competitors and thus, you need to install the amplifier closer to the inside antenna.

The only major downside to the SmoothTalker Mobile X1 is the customer support. Unlike its competitors that has a dedicated phone line for any issues regarding the product, the product support line doesn’t have a live-chat option. But, the SmoothTalker Mobile X1 does offer a 3-year warranty, which is a pretty good deal.

With the longest outside antenna for a signal amplifier, the SmoothTalker Mobile X1 is one of the top signal boosters you can find.