Nintendo 3DS – latest games

29 September, 2014 (07:55) | nintendo | By: jason

NeoDS is the sole accessible Neo Geo emulator for the 3DS, because the emulator is completely perfect this is okay! It has enough choices to ensure that the majority of the games, if not all of these, run nearly identical to how they would be played on a games console, and runs almost every single Neo Geo game available. With the latest introduction of the Neo Geo X hand held system, it is often said that neoDS on 3DS XL and the Nintendo 3DS really provides a better gaming experience for the  Neo Geo than the new Neo Geo X. We simply can’t say, due to the fact that we haven’t compared the two. We only understand that NeoDS is one hell of a Neo Geo Emulator that is good. Offering some of the greatest Arcade games created in the 90’s and placing them in your pocket, on the Nintendo 3DS portable system.

Enjoy ZX Spectrum Games On the Nintendo 3DS


We only needed to include an older computer in here. We weren’t enormous ZX Spectrum followers when it was first accessible, but have recently gained a whole lot of respect for the small 48k Sinclair computer that could. Plenty of later introductions, in the form of indie and homebrew games has made it easy for us to see just how powerful the ZX Spectrum system really is, back in the days it was used top its complete potential when it was still the King of the hill!

ZXDS is among 3 distinct Speccy emulators accessible for the R4 3DS cards along with the Nintendo 3DS, and it truly is the best from all the rest. It was upgraded just a few months back, which reveals the commitment of the developer behind this task. It plays and loads almost all ZX Spectrum game titles available today. It won’t only emulator the newer 128k games it runs, and provides complete support for them all. The integrated control pad makes for a superb controller to play a number of the Speccy games that are incredible on your 3DS.