Hoppe Sportzilla Motorcycle Fairing

18 December, 2015 (13:30) | Uncategorized | By: jason

Hoppe is a motorcycle fairings company that specializes in Fiberglass fairings. Fiberglass fairings are the preferred option especially when you’re one hell of a rider. If you want to don the daredevil life, then the Hoppe motorcycle fairings will be a good option for you.

Today, we’re going to take a look at one of their offerings. The Hoppe Sportzilla Motorcycle fairing is a very good motorcycle fairing for the Harley Davidson Softail and Touring Road models. What’s great about this motorcycle fairing, as with all other Hoppe fairings, is that it has a built-in audio system.

To better understand the Hoppe Sportzilla, here are its features:

  • Shaved 5″ Off the Width and 4″ From the Height of our Original Quadzilla
  • Includes Jensen AM/FM/CD USB radio with 40 watt 6″ Marine Speakers and a Pair of 1″ Tweeters
  • These Fairings Integrate with OEM Windshield Mounts
  • Quick-Detach Power Cord Make Removal Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Concealed Internal Antenna
  • Weather Door and Internal Shielding Protect the Radio from Water

As previously mentioned, the Hoppe Sportzilla comes equipped with a built-in audio system. This motorcycle fairing is fitted with a Jensen USB radio with 40-watt, 6-inch marine speakers and a pair of little tweeters on the side.

The beauty of this is that you can just plug a USB storage device, heck, even your mp3 player on the Jensen speakers, and you can basically control from the motorcycle fairing itself. The speakers are powerful enough to deliver unparalleled sound while you’re on the road.

Another cool feature of the Hoppe Sportzilla motorcycle fairing is that it integrates perfectly with the motorcycle’s windshield. Speaking of which, here are the supported models that can fit the Hoppe Sportzilla:

  • Softail Deluxe EFI FLSTNI: 2005–2006
  • Softail Deluxe FLSTN: 2006–2013
  • Softail Fat Boy Anniversary FLSTF: 2013
  • Softail Fat Boy FLSTF: 2000–2013
  • Softail Fat Boy Lo Anniversary FLSTFB: 2013
  • Softail Fat Boy Lo FLSTFB: 2011–2013
  • Softail Heritage Classic Anniversary FLSTC: 2013
  • Softail Heritage Classic EFI FLSTCI: 2001–2006
  • Softail Heritage Classic FLSTC: 2000–2013
  • Softail Heritage EFI FLSTI: 2006
  • Softail Heritage FLST: 2006, 2009
  • Touring Road King Classic FLHRC: 2011
  • Touring Road King FLHR: 2011

When it comes to durability, the Hoppe Sportzilla motorcycle fairing is one the most durable in the market. It can withstand the punishment from the Elements, and it can help protect against air resistance as well.

So, is the Sportzilla really good in real-world settings? Let’s find out from customers, here are some reviews:

Brendon: “The audio from the Sportzilla is just phenomenal. I am a blues/rock kind of guy, and whenever I am feeling it, I just whip out my mp3 player, plug it in the fairing, and blast it off! I am the envy of my friends and family ever since I bought the Sportzilla. I’ve never been so happy!”

Randy: “Hoppe motorcycle fairings are on the premium side of the equation, that is why I bought the Sportzilla. It not only looks premium, but it also has premium quality speakers. I am really happy with the purchase.”

The Hoppe Sportzilla sports some really nice features and build construction. It is just rightfully so, because this motorcycle fairing is not the cheapest one you can find. The Hoppe Sportzilla costs $1796.