Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System

15 March, 2016 (21:16) | nintendo | By: jason

Fallout 4 is probably one of the best post-apocalyptic action RPGs of all time. A lot of people are raving about it and I think that is a pretty robust and expansive game in its own right.

But, did you know that Fallout 4 only borrowed some of the game’s elements from a previous game?

That game was none other than the Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Crystalis is an Action RPG game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The story revolves around an anonymous male protagonist. The world suffered a massive thermonuclear attack that reduced the entire world into a primitive state.

In order for humanity to survive any more cataclysmic attacks, the survivors built a floating tower. This floating tower was supposed to be a refuge for the survivors, but because of the works of a nefarious human who calls himself “Emperor Draygon”, he makes use of evil magic to control the remaining military forces on Earth.

Because of this, Emperor Draygon was able to control the military and oppose people who are not in the floating tower from entering the safe haven.

The male protagonist will have to defeat Emperor Draygon’s forces in order for people to enter the floating tower. In order for him to even get to Emperor Draygon, he must defeat the “Dragonia’s Finest Four”.

The people who comprise this elite four are none other than Sabera the Witch, General Kelbesque, Karmine the Wizard, and the Swordsman Mado. Each of them has different weaknesses and the player must exploit these weaknesses in order to defeat them with relative ease.

All of the Dragonia’s Finest will have to be defeated twice, with the exception of Karmine who the player will only have to defeat once.

After reaching Emperor Draygon, the player will fight his human form. This is actually his fake form because Draygon is actually a dragon (no pun intended). After transforming into a dragon, the player is presented with an even greater threat.

But, the Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System has a different final boss, the “DYNA” machine. This machine is responsible for manipulating the Earth’s forces. It is up to the player to defeat this evil machine once and for all.

The Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System is presented in a top-down view which allows the player to control the main character towards eight directions using the Nintendo Entertainment System’s controller.

Since the controller only has two buttons, the controls have become more simplified. Button 1 is the simple sword attack. Button 2, however, can be programmed to do something else. You can assign certain magic spells for this button or you can also use this button to open up the inventory on the fly (it is entirely up to you).

The Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System also follows the usual RPG elements wherein you battle different enemies and you will gain exp in return. After gaining certain EXP points, your character will level up giving him better stats and new spells.

Even though the game wasn’t popular at the time it was released, it is actually quite popular now. The Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System is a good game for all action RPG fans out there.