Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System

15 March, 2016 (21:16) | nintendo | By: jason

Fallout 4 is probably one of the best post-apocalyptic action RPGs of all time. A lot of people are raving about it and I think that is a pretty robust and expansive game in its own right.

But, did you know that Fallout 4 only borrowed some of the game’s elements from a previous game?

That game was none other than the Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Crystalis is an Action RPG game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The story revolves around an anonymous male protagonist. The world suffered a massive thermonuclear attack that reduced the entire world into a primitive state.

In order for humanity to survive any more cataclysmic attacks, the survivors built a floating tower. This floating tower was supposed to be a refuge for the survivors, but because of the works of a nefarious human who calls himself “Emperor Draygon”, he makes use of evil magic to control the remaining military forces on Earth.

Because of this, Emperor Draygon was able to control the military and oppose people who are not in the floating tower from entering the safe haven.

The male protagonist will have to defeat Emperor Draygon’s forces in order for people to enter the floating tower. In order for him to even get to Emperor Draygon, he must defeat the “Dragonia’s Finest Four”.

The people who comprise this elite four are none other than Sabera the Witch, General Kelbesque, Karmine the Wizard, and the Swordsman Mado. Each of them has different weaknesses and the player must exploit these weaknesses in order to defeat them with relative ease.

All of the Dragonia’s Finest will have to be defeated twice, with the exception of Karmine who the player will only have to defeat once.

After reaching Emperor Draygon, the player will fight his human form. This is actually his fake form because Draygon is actually a dragon (no pun intended). After transforming into a dragon, the player is presented with an even greater threat.

But, the Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System has a different final boss, the “DYNA” machine. This machine is responsible for manipulating the Earth’s forces. It is up to the player to defeat this evil machine once and for all.

The Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System is presented in a top-down view which allows the player to control the main character towards eight directions using the Nintendo Entertainment System’s controller.

Since the controller only has two buttons, the controls have become more simplified. Button 1 is the simple sword attack. Button 2, however, can be programmed to do something else. You can assign certain magic spells for this button or you can also use this button to open up the inventory on the fly (it is entirely up to you).

The Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System also follows the usual RPG elements wherein you battle different enemies and you will gain exp in return. After gaining certain EXP points, your character will level up giving him better stats and new spells.

Even though the game wasn’t popular at the time it was released, it is actually quite popular now. The Crystalis Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System is a good game for all action RPG fans out there.

Oppo R5

6 February, 2016 (21:05) | Oppo | By: jason

Oppo is one of the most prominent Chinese mobile phones manufacturers in the world. They always fashion their mobile phones to be one of the unique out on the market.

Today, we are going to discuss the Oppo R5 mobile phone. This mobile phone is one of the thinnest in the world having a mere 4.85 mm thickness. It might be the one of the thinnest but it is packed with a lot of really great features with a very good price.

The design of the Oppo R5 mobile phone is much similar to the iPhone but with a very slim form factor. This might be hard to grasp especially if you have large hands, but it fits any pocket (even those skinny jeans) perfectly.

For the display, the Oppo R5 mobile phone has a 5.2-inch Full HD screen. The display is surprisingly very good even in direct sunlight. It has an adaptive brightness adjustment that automatically raises the brightness for better viewing angles if you’re in well-lit places.

The Oppo R5 mobile phone, albeit cheaper than other premium mobile phones, has an impressive spec sheet. Under the hood, this mobile phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC Octa-core processor. It has four 1.5GHz cores and four 1GHz cores for an impressive performance boost.

It also comes with 2GB of system RAM to help multi-taskers do their thing without any quirks.

The Oppo R5 mobile phone has a custom version of Android Kitkat 4.4 called ColorOS 2.0. It still looks pretty much the same as the Kitkat version, although, it does have a better notification area which makes it more intuitive.

Probably the only problem with ColorOS 2.0 is that it doesn’t come with a lot of widgets, so you have to download certain widgets according to your needs.

The battery life is a little bit on the low side. The Oppo R5 Android mobile phone has a non-removable 2,000 MaH battery. With impressive specs, this battery capacity will not be able to power those for very long. Still, the price is way cheaper than other premium phones, so I couldn’t complain about its battery (although, it would be really nice if it were a little bit beefed up).

The R5’s camera is possibly one of the best things this mobile phone has (well, aside from the impressive processor and RAM). The phone’s camera is a 13-megapixel camera with LED to help you capture good quality pictures in low-lit environments.

The included camera is also quite good. The ColorOS camera app is akin to Sony’s default camera app and it has a lot of intuitive features and functions such as HDR and Panorama.

This mobile phone also comes with a 5-megapixel front camera that is perfect for people who always use their phones to Skype, for example. It is also quite clear compared to other premium phones on the market.

The Oppo R5 Android mobile phone is one of the best premium phones out there. It may not have a good battery capacity, but it still packs a lot of punch. And, for the price of only $500, it is really one of the best out there on the market.

Hoppe Sportzilla Motorcycle Fairing

18 December, 2015 (13:30) | Uncategorized | By: jason

Hoppe is a motorcycle fairings company that specializes in Fiberglass fairings. Fiberglass fairings are the preferred option especially when you’re one hell of a rider. If you want to don the daredevil life, then the Hoppe motorcycle fairings will be a good option for you.

Today, we’re going to take a look at one of their offerings. The Hoppe Sportzilla Motorcycle fairing is a very good motorcycle fairing for the Harley Davidson Softail and Touring Road models. What’s great about this motorcycle fairing, as with all other Hoppe fairings, is that it has a built-in audio system.

To better understand the Hoppe Sportzilla, here are its features:

  • Shaved 5″ Off the Width and 4″ From the Height of our Original Quadzilla
  • Includes Jensen AM/FM/CD USB radio with 40 watt 6″ Marine Speakers and a Pair of 1″ Tweeters
  • These Fairings Integrate with OEM Windshield Mounts
  • Quick-Detach Power Cord Make Removal Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Concealed Internal Antenna
  • Weather Door and Internal Shielding Protect the Radio from Water

As previously mentioned, the Hoppe Sportzilla comes equipped with a built-in audio system. This motorcycle fairing is fitted with a Jensen USB radio with 40-watt, 6-inch marine speakers and a pair of little tweeters on the side.

The beauty of this is that you can just plug a USB storage device, heck, even your mp3 player on the Jensen speakers, and you can basically control from the motorcycle fairing itself. The speakers are powerful enough to deliver unparalleled sound while you’re on the road.

Another cool feature of the Hoppe Sportzilla motorcycle fairing is that it integrates perfectly with the motorcycle’s windshield. Speaking of which, here are the supported models that can fit the Hoppe Sportzilla:

  • Softail Deluxe EFI FLSTNI: 2005–2006
  • Softail Deluxe FLSTN: 2006–2013
  • Softail Fat Boy Anniversary FLSTF: 2013
  • Softail Fat Boy FLSTF: 2000–2013
  • Softail Fat Boy Lo Anniversary FLSTFB: 2013
  • Softail Fat Boy Lo FLSTFB: 2011–2013
  • Softail Heritage Classic Anniversary FLSTC: 2013
  • Softail Heritage Classic EFI FLSTCI: 2001–2006
  • Softail Heritage Classic FLSTC: 2000–2013
  • Softail Heritage EFI FLSTI: 2006
  • Softail Heritage FLST: 2006, 2009
  • Touring Road King Classic FLHRC: 2011
  • Touring Road King FLHR: 2011

When it comes to durability, the Hoppe Sportzilla motorcycle fairing is one the most durable in the market. It can withstand the punishment from the Elements, and it can help protect against air resistance as well.

So, is the Sportzilla really good in real-world settings? Let’s find out from customers, here are some reviews:

Brendon: “The audio from the Sportzilla is just phenomenal. I am a blues/rock kind of guy, and whenever I am feeling it, I just whip out my mp3 player, plug it in the fairing, and blast it off! I am the envy of my friends and family ever since I bought the Sportzilla. I’ve never been so happy!”

Randy: “Hoppe motorcycle fairings are on the premium side of the equation, that is why I bought the Sportzilla. It not only looks premium, but it also has premium quality speakers. I am really happy with the purchase.”

The Hoppe Sportzilla sports some really nice features and build construction. It is just rightfully so, because this motorcycle fairing is not the cheapest one you can find. The Hoppe Sportzilla costs $1796.

SmoothTalker Mobile X1 Review

9 November, 2015 (11:11) | Uncategorized | By: jason

Do you own an RV? If so, you’re probably one of the many people who wants to go on the road for long trips. That is good and all, but the problem is that you may suffer from poor signal reception.

Mobile phones, or popularly known as Smartphones nowadays, require signals to operate certain functionalities such as text messaging, making calls, and surfing the internet. If you have little to no signal, you cannot enjoy these features.

This is especially true when you’re on the go. Normally, you will get signals from your service provider’s cell tower. Cell towers are able to broadcast signals across large distances. The problem is that there are a lot of things that can affect the signal strength: such as object interference and your distance from the cell tower.

How do you remedy the problem of poor signal reception? Get a mobile phone signal booster. If you are confused on which signal booster to get, you may want to look at the SmoothTalker Mobile X1.

The SmoothTalker Mobile X1 has a 50dB Gain amplifier, the highest dB signal amplifier allowed by law. It can also support 2G, 3G, and 4G signals. This signal booster is powerful enough to broadcast strong wireless signals even if you’re far from your network carrier’s cell towers.

What this mobile phone signal booster can do is get a little signal as it can and amplifies it, then it can broadcast those signals wirelessly across all your devices.

The SmoothTalker Mobile X1 supports dual-band frequencies 800 and 1900 MHz. What holds this signal booster from taking the top spot is that it only supports frequencies, as opposed to other competitors which can have up to 5.

This signal booster also comes with a 14-inch antenna, perfect for getting even the faintest of signals. The SmoothTalker Mobile X1 has the biggest outside antenna among other signal boosters and it has a forward gain of 5 dBi, which can get signals even across greater distances.

Now you know that features of the SmootherTalker Mobile X1, it is now time to buy one and know how to install it. The signal booster has six important components: the outside antenna, the inside antenna, the amplifier box, two coax cables and the car charger.

The signal booster also comes with a magnetic base, so you can install it on top of your car or RV without damaging the paint job.

Basically, what you need to do is attach the inside antenna directly to the amplifier with the 4-foot cable. The cable is shorter than its competitors and thus, you need to install the amplifier closer to the inside antenna.

The only major downside to the SmoothTalker Mobile X1 is the customer support. Unlike its competitors that has a dedicated phone line for any issues regarding the product, the product support line doesn’t have a live-chat option. But, the SmoothTalker Mobile X1 does offer a 3-year warranty, which is a pretty good deal.

With the longest outside antenna for a signal amplifier, the SmoothTalker Mobile X1 is one of the top signal boosters you can find.

Nintendo 3DS – latest games

29 September, 2014 (07:55) | nintendo | By: jason

NeoDS is the sole accessible Neo Geo emulator for the 3DS, because the emulator is completely perfect this is okay! It has enough choices to ensure that the majority of the games, if not all of these, run nearly identical to how they would be played on a games console, and runs almost every single Neo Geo game available. With the latest introduction of the Neo Geo X hand held system, it is often said that neoDS on 3DS XL and the Nintendo 3DS really provides a better gaming experience for the  Neo Geo than the new Neo Geo X. We simply can’t say, due to the fact that we haven’t compared the two. We only understand that NeoDS is one hell of a Neo Geo Emulator that is good. Offering some of the greatest Arcade games created in the 90’s and placing them in your pocket, on the Nintendo 3DS portable system.

Enjoy ZX Spectrum Games On the Nintendo 3DS


We only needed to include an older computer in here. We weren’t enormous ZX Spectrum followers when it was first accessible, but have recently gained a whole lot of respect for the small 48k Sinclair computer that could. Plenty of later introductions, in the form of indie and homebrew games has made it easy for us to see just how powerful the ZX Spectrum system really is, back in the days it was used top its complete potential when it was still the King of the hill!

ZXDS is among 3 distinct Speccy emulators accessible for the R4 3DS cards along with the Nintendo 3DS, and it truly is the best from all the rest. It was upgraded just a few months back, which reveals the commitment of the developer behind this task. It plays and loads almost all ZX Spectrum game titles available today. It won’t only emulator the newer 128k games it runs, and provides complete support for them all. The integrated control pad makes for a superb controller to play a number of the Speccy games that are incredible on your 3DS.

HCG drops for weight loss

6 May, 2014 (12:58) | hcg | By: jason

At the early stage of losing weight, what you actually shed is the liquid in your body. The next phase of the weight loss process is the most challenging. This is when you burn the stored fat. Most people who undergo the weight loss journey give up at this stage because their weight seems to be stucked at a certain weight.

Some dieting solutions give you the illusion that what you’re taking is really effective because of the weight you lose in a short amount of time. You weigh in after 2-3 weeks and you lose a couple of pounds so you keep taking them, believing that the decrease in weight means that you are burning fat. In reality, your weight loss is caused by losing the fluid in your body. The real test of a great weight loss solution is its ability to burn the cholesterol lurking on the sides of you belly, doubling your chin and making your body look bulky. These fats are so stubborn that ordinary dieting solution will find them very hard to melt.

This is where the advantage of HCG drops lies. It works from the very beginning to the end until you have shed all the pounds you planned to lose. HCG drops suppresses your appetite, allowing you to endure a very low 500-calorie diet. Instead of fighting so hard against food cravings, you find yourself not feeling hungry with the very limited food you eat.

Aside from this powerful ability, users of HCG drops have testified that this dieting solution also helps them sculpt their body. This particular product does not just let you lose your unwanted pounds, but it melts the pesistent fats that keep messing with your curves. These users noticed that their bodies getting all toned up, showing a favorable reduction on their waist measurements. HCG drops can sculpt your body, reshape your thighs, legs and arms. hcg-dropsWith this weight loss solution, you do not need liposuction or other invasive forms of body sculpting to suck out all the fats that diet pills cannot burn. By taking your HCG drops and following the low calorie diet for 3 to 6 weeks, you can get rid of the fats that have been deposited in your chin and other problematic areas for quite some time.

The HCG drops works by targeting the fat stored in your body. While you limit the intake of cholesterol when you are on a low calorie diet, your body will start to burn the stored fat, which becomes the source of your energy. These fat deposits are the ones sticking to the sides of your belly, legs, arms and thighs. They have been “fixed fats” that your body did not melt. Why? When you are not on a low calories diet, your body uses the calories as your main source of energy. Now that you are on a low calorie diet, your body has to find a new source of energy – the fat deposits in your body. This allows you to get rid of the unwanted fats and have a better sculpted body.

3DS flashcart – the choices

28 March, 2014 (09:16) | 3ds flashcart | By: jason

Anyone that has purchased a 3DS Flashcart and is using it can tell you they do not know how the got along without it for so long. A 3DS Flashcart can really expand the fun of your DS system.

A Flashcart can easily add storage space as you would expect but that is only the start of it. You can use it for so much more. Things like real time cheat codes and playing homebrew games is some of the other things you can do with a 3DS Flashcart.

There are some cards that work perfectly and some that you want to avoid. supercard dstwo You want to get the most out of your 3DS Flashcart and one of the simplest ways to do that is to buy a 3DS Flashcart that will live up to your expectations.

Purchasing a no brand Flashcart is risky business. While most will work fine some just do not work at all. You wind up more frustrated with the Flashcart than you do satisfied with your new features.

You can play ‘hombrew’ games which come from a rather large and growing community of game designers that allow free downloads. They are well worth the small investment considering the opportunity that is available to get free games.

Take a Look At These

Some good solid 3DS Flashcarts include the Supercard DSTWO. With the Supercard you can create saves, use free cheats and so much more. This is a great card because it is so versatile and easy to use AND it offers a full range of functions and features. You can watch movies, read ebooks and so much more.

The Supercard DSTWO also gba emulator and its own built in CPU. It also has it’s own firmware and updates quickly. This 3DS Flashcart will open up your world of gaming. The 3DS Flashcart.

Other good solid options are Ackerd 2i, Easy Flash VI, R4i Gold. The right 3DS Flashcart for you is the one that you can afford and that offers you the options that are important to you. When you ask what a 3DS Flashcart can do for you, you are asking how much of your game time will be improved. The answer is all of it.

The right 3DS Flashcart can enhance everything that you do on your DS! It can turn your DS into an entertainment center.





Green Coffee Bean Extract advantages and tips

28 October, 2013 (17:34) | Green Coffee Bean | By: jason

The green coffee bean extract has become very popular since it was first introduced on the Dr. Oz Show. The main subject that this new superfood has revolved around is its ability to help you lose weight fast without changing your diet or adding strenuous workout exercises to your daily routine. What some people may have overlooked, however, are the other benefits that the green coffee bean extract can do for you. Here are a few other benefits that this new miracle extract holds in store for you.

green coffee extractAs with any new food that has been claimed to hold benefits for human health, scientists hold studies to find any conclusive evidence of this. Aside from evidence showing that the green coffee bean contains chemicals that can help curb your hunger, it is also revealed to help people who have problems with high blood pressure. There have been a few case studies where the researchers gave certain specific extracts of the green coffee bean to their subjects and received significantly lower blood pressure levels.

There have also been reported claims that the green coffee bean are also beneficial to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and Type 2 Diabetes, but professional medical sites such as Web MD state that these claims have not been fully confirmed. Therefore, it is best to go to your doctor on questions concerning this issue.
The green coffee bean extract also has its fair share of side effects, for better or worse. As with any other dietary supplement, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are encouraged to stay away from such products. The green coffee bean extract as a drink is most likely a lot safer to take than in supplement form, but still holds some side effects related to caffeine (anxiety, headaches, and agitation)

Because of the green coffee bean’s growing demand, one should be extra careful when looking around sites that offer deals for the supplements of the extracts. Some sites can turn out to be scams that aim for your money by selling cheap products that can most likely do more harm to your body than good. To stay on the safe side, avoid buying such products online and shop in more reliable areas, such as your local pharmacy. Doing research beforehand can help keep you one step ahead of such fraudulent activity and protecting your overall health.

The side effects of using Raspberry Ketone

19 October, 2013 (17:34) | Raspberry ketone | By: jason

Raspberry ketone is used in several health and nutritional supplements. People take raspberry ketone for its weight loss benefits as well as for other reasons. Every supplement has the potential of certain side effects and it is always better to be aware of them rather than be in oblivion and face them abruptly after consuming the supplements. raspberry ketones
Raspberry ketone is obtained or extracted from the fruit, red raspberry. Raspberry ketone is one of the many phenol compounds found in the fruit. While it would be very technical to get into the characteristics of raspberry ketone, it is the nutrient that is responsible for the enticing fruity odor of raspberries.
There are no known side effects of raspberry ketone which would be undesirable or unhealthy. You wouldn’t feel anything that would be severe or even mildly bothering. However, raspberry ketone may be an allergen for some people. Raspberry ketone is not an allergen in the typical sense but some people are allergic to the raspberry fruit. Since raspberry ketone is an extract of the fruit itself, those who are allergic to the fruit would also be allergic to the extract of the fruit.

You should be aware if you are allergic to raspberry ketone. If you are not aware then you can consult a doctor. If you are not keen to consult a doctor then you can either try out a few raspberries and see if there are any side effects or take some raspberry ketone supplement and check for any signs or symptoms of allergies. Very few people in the world are allergic to raspberries but those who are should avoid the raspberry ketone supplement.
There are some normal harmless side effects of raspberry ketone supplement which you would experience while taking it for weight loss or for some other reason. When raspberry ketone starts the fat burning process, you are likely to feel a little thirstier than normal. When fat burns, the body extracts the fluids or water to facilitate the burning process. You would have to consume more water when you take raspberry ketone. If you have too much fat in your body and have not been into any exercises whatsoever then you may develop some bad breath while taking raspberry ketone.

This is also because of the fat burning process. Fatty deposits in the body are filled with toxins and when they are burnt and used up, some foul odor is expected. But these would not be experienced by all and sundry.

What to look for when choosing HCG drops

10 July, 2011 (11:36) | hcg | By: jason

There are lots of companies out there claiming to sell real HCG drops or injections. But before you purchase any of these products, you want to be absolutely sure that you are purchasing legitimate products. When buying HCG drops online (the only way to get the real deal), you will want to confirm a few things first before you checkout, or give-up your credit card information. Here, we will let you know just what you should look for.

Made in USA Products

Be sure that any product you are purchasing is made in the USA. Products that are made in the USA are held to higher standards when it comes to the manufacturing process. Buying products made from a foreign country may result in purchasing products that are not regulated and could contain anything, no HCG at all, or, even worse, could be harmful to you. All of your HCG drops or product packaging should carry a made in the USA seal. Most often, these are displayed on the webpage selling these products, as well. If you are unsure of where the product is made, do not buy it.

Inclusion of the HCG Diet Plan

HCG drops will only work for you if they include the HCG diet plan, sometimes referred to as the HCG protocol for use. This plan will let you know just how you should eat when you are following the HCG diet. You should not have to pay any extra for this information, nor should you have to look it up yourself, or buy it from another supplier. All legitimate companies simply provide it to their customers at no extra charge. Be sure that this plan is the original one developed by Dr. Albert Simeons.

Look for Deals on 100% HCG Drops and Products

Lastly, you will want to be sure that you are looking for the best deal on any of these products. You can do this by looking for coupons to apply to the webpage that looks the most legitimate to you and already offers the best deal. Sometimes certain webpages will also offer you a free trial bottle the first time you order from them. Check for hidden fees that will be added to the overall price, such as taxes, shipping and handling costs, processing costs, or other fees. Most legitimate companies will not charge these to their customers.